Consumer Data Protection

Building value by building trust

Build trust with your customers and comply with the new GDPR.
Without the need to change your existing IT infrastructure.

Protect your most valuable assets

In the digital age it is often said that a company’s greatest tangible asset is its data. And in a customer-centric economy it is often said that a company’s greatest intangible asset is trust. By putting your customers fully in control of their personal data, you can increase the value that these two assets bring to your business.

Minimise risk

Meet the immediate challenge of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and minimise business risk, without the need to change your existing IT infrastructure.

Complete transparency

Offer your customers complete transparency and control over their personal data, while demonstrating to them why you hold data and the benefits this provides. Customers can self-serve in the administration of their personal data, reducing your own admin burden.

Let your reputation shine

The trust established with individual customers adds up to corporate reputation, one of the key drivers of future business value.

CDP ensures data protection compliance and builds business value by building trust.

Our vision is to give organisations a future-proof GDPR-compliant solution for managing customer data, while giving individuals control over their personal data.

The perfect fit for your organisation


CDP is available as a bundled comply-and- communicate solution, ideally suited to smaller organisations and small to medium sized companies that do not have CRM software. As well as meeting GDPR requirements, this option also provides you with a valuable platform to communicate with your customers via their preferred medium.

Alternatively, CDP can be integrated with an existing IT infrastructure via APIs or bespoke configurations.

Get in touch for an offer customised to the specific needs of your organisation.

We facilitate trusted relationships between individuals and organisations.


A unique way to build trust

The concept behind CDP is easy to grasp: a software platform mediates the needs of both customer and enterprise.

The customer perspective

CDP acts as a data exchange to facilitate trusted relationships between your organisation and your customers (or members, employees etc.)

CDP stores your customers’ personal data and shares as much of it, or as little, as they choose. Customers control this through an online form which enables them to switch on and off the data that any organisation can see, and the types of communication that the organisation is permitted to use.

A major benefit for customers is that they can enter their data once using a mobile app or online, then connect to an organisation by simply reading its barcode to share data and control communications (SMS, email, letters, voice). At any stage the customer can then open the CDP application and opt out of any communication channel, or disconnect from the organisation altogether.


The company perspective

If you wish to achieve GDPR compliance and build trust, get in touch with us and a representative will set up and activate your account. You can then invite your stakeholders (customers, employees, members etc.) to connect with you.

You can now create forms to collect additional data from your customers for fully permissions-based communication.

Information passes between individual customers and organisations via a secure link.

We never share any data with third parties for any purpose.

CDP data security conforms to ISO 27001 standards.

Multi-level security for personal data

The CDP platform is built using the latest technologies on the market: a scalable, secure and reliable infrastructure that has been extensively tested across many different industries and applications. Personal data is managed in a state-of-the-art data centre, and is transmitted using a secure, dedicated, cloud environment, conforming to ISO 27001 standards.

These are the guiding design principles behind CDP:

  • High security architecture: No personal data is held within the enterprise
  • Data held within CDP servers is fully encrypted
  • Minimal disruption to the enterprise
  • Site-to-site VPN (no external access to data)
  • Unimpeachable logs via public Blockchain integration

We never share any of our customers’ personal data with any third party, for any purpose.

GDPR – what it is, and why compliance matters

The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force on 25 May 2018. GDPR standardises and strengthens the right of European citizens to data privacy.

GDPR stipulates that personal data about European citizens can only be collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and cannot be further processed in a manner that is incompatible with the initial purpose. Organisations will need to get explicit permissions from private individuals to collect, process and use their data. They need to be able to prove they have an individual’s express consent for a specific and clearly stated purpose.

A company must be able to show its customers what data it holds about them and, on request, must delete all such data and stop all future communication.

Organisations found to be in breach of GDPR will face fines of up to €20 million or four per cent of annual revenues. Even more significantly, non-compliance will damage an organisation’s reputation and lose the public’s trust.

CDP overcomes the technical challenges of GDPR

GDPR will force a complete shift in how personal data is collected, stored and used. Which will pose serious technical challenges for many organisations. CDP offers the solution: the world’s first technology platform enabling organisations of all sizes not only to comply with GDPR but to demonstrate compliance.

Our vision is to give organisations a future-proof GDPR-compliant solution for managing customer data, while giving individuals control over their personal data.

About us

Brendan Dowling

Brendan Dowling

CEO & Founder

Brendan is the Founder and CEO of Consumer Data Protection. Brendan is a serial technology entrepreneur in the telecoms and media industry, having built and exited several internationally traded companies, such as imagine mobile (the first MVNO) sold to Vodafone and DVM (one of the first mobile digital content stores) sold to British Telecom. Brendan is well known for his thought leadership on technology innovation and is a regular speaker at conferences, business schools and government sponsored events.  Brendan has also worked as an Executive Coach to CEOs of scaling companies in Ireland and UK and has worked with Enterprise Ireland and Invest NI, on Executive programmes for their top companies to accelerate their growth. He is the author of “Accelerating Company Growth”, a practical book for CEOs to help them scale their companies faster.  Brendan is a member of the Global Irish Economic Forum.

Brendan qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG Dublin (FCA), worked with PWC London, before becoming a serial entrepreneur for over 30 years. Brendan holds an MBA from UCD, a B. Comm from UCC and a Diploma in Executive Coaching from UCC / IMI.

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